What is Baja?

UBC Baja SAE is a student engineering team that designs and builds an offroad-racing vehicle for international competition against other universities. These races take place around North America and showcase the best of the best. Our goal is to build the best Baja vehicle, and win the competition.

UBC Baja is an official UBC Mechanical Engineering student team recognized by the Mechanical Engineering department and the ESTC (Engineering Student Team Council). Baja is always looking for new applicants to join our team. If you are interested in joining, supporting our project, or if you just have questions please use our contact page to let us know who you are.

UBC Baja Website Competition is now Closed!

Thanks to all the students who have submitted for the UBC Baja SAE Website contest! With 21 submissions received and confirmed, we have now closed the competition and will begin deliberations for a winner. The winner will be decided by the Baja team members against the submission requirements, and will be announced in the new year. So, please sit tight and enjoy your holiday. Great job everyone, all submissions look fantastic!!

2014 will be a busy year for UBC Baja as we are competing in May for the 2014 Baja SAE championship. The winner will be brought out to our design studios for an exclusive behind the scenes look at our design process, and to test out our fully furnished 2014 Baja racer!

Happy Holiday's from all of us at UBC and the UBC Baja team. Get stoked!

Annoucning the UBC Baja Website Competition

If you think you have what it takes to be the designer of the 2014 UBC Baja Website, then get your creative hats on and send us your best designs! Get all the info on our Contest Page!

What you could win

We are offering the wicked opportunity of spending the day with the Team, getting to drive the 2014 UBC Baja Racer (no 5 minute limit either), and having sweet resume project experience. On top of this, we will set you up with Baja SAE team swag!

Contest Info: Who Can Submit?

Open to any student. Submissions due by Dec. 13th, 2013. Please send your submissions and questions to contest@ubcbaja.com.

Head over to our Contest Page for more details!

UBC Baja News Update: June 2013

UBC Baja attended our first competition in Bellingham, WA in May. Competing against 87 other university and college teams from around the world, we were very pleased with our overall 26th place finishing from the weekend. We easily passed our engine check, technical inspection and brakes test and had strong showings with our design and cost presentations. Our drivers did a great job of representing UBC Baja through the dynamic events and managed to complete all events, perhaps most notably with an 18th place finish in the 4-hour endurance – a very impressive finish for a first-year team! Overall, this competition was a huge success for UBC Baja. It was a great learning experience for the team, and you can guarantee that we are all very excited for next year’s competition! Designs for our next car have begun and planning for the upcoming season is already well under way!

UBC Baja News Update: March 23 2013

See how far we've gone with our car!We also got a very generous donation from SAE. We want to thank them with the support for the support. For more frequent updates and build pictures please follow us on facebook HERE.

UBC Baja News Update: March 9 2013

Our car's engine is finally mounted. We also got the drive train mounted and soon we will be ready to roll the car up! We are currently working on mounting our seat, brakes, and personal equipments. For more frequent updates and build pictures please follow us on facebook HERE.

UBC Baja News Update: February 2013

We have mounted our A-arms today! We have our suspension figured out and we hope to get the car working soon! We are gonna be working over the reading break to finish up the car! For more frequent updates and build pictures please follow us on facebook HERE.

UBC Baja News Update: January 2013

We've made lots of new progess since November and are very close to having a rolling chassis! We have also acquired a new sponsor in APEGBC! For more frequent updates and build pictures please follow us on facebook HERE.

UBC Baja News Update: November 21 2012

Lots of progress on the car since the last update. The frame and suspension teams are keeping themselves busy making our frame and a-arms, while the drivetrain team has begun testing our engine and transmission. Most importantly we are now officially registered as Car 58 in the Washington SAE Baja Competition in May!

UBC Baja News Update: September 19th 2012

  • This weekend we finally started our Briggs and Stratton motor to test it out and were pleased with the results
  • Lots of new parts have started to arrive, including our shocks, wheels, tires, front brakes and hubs, as well as all the tubing for our frame. Check out the pictures of all our new swag!

    UBC Baja News Update: September 11th 2012

    It was difficult to get a lot done over the summer since the majority of the team was out of town working, but we have moved forward and the initial design work is largely complete and we have procured a number of key components.

    UBC Baja News Update: January 23rd - March 10th

  • We have aquired a new motor and a seat, and we have been donated a welder.
  • We would like to thank our new sponsor, Garibaldi Electrical Contractors Ltd. for their generous donation to the team.
  • Check out the media section for more images of our progress!

    UBC Baja News Update: October 17th - January 22nd

  • Thanks to projects, finals, and Christmas vacation, there has been a break since the last update, but the team has moved forward since then
  • We would like to thanks the Department of Mechanical Engineering for granting funding for our wondrous project
  • We have officially secured space in the new EDC build, we are currently sharing a bay with Concrete Toboggan, another student team . Thanks to Concrete Toboggan for sharing their space with us
  • We have received sponsorship from Solidworks in the form of a number of licences. Thanks to Solidworks as the software is crucial to our process
  • Our design is moving along nicely with front suspension coming along well and a designed roll cage not too far off
  • We have purchased a CVT and transfer case from one of our members Will. Thanks to Will for the parts

  • UBC Baja News Update: October 10th - 16th

  • Baja has officially received its funding from PAF, we are very happy and would like to thank the PAF people and everyone on Baja who helped with the application. The feedback was very positive as Baja did well for a new student team.
  • Baja has officially received space in the EDC. We are sharing a bay with Concrete Toboggan and Steel Bridge and would like to thank them for their cooperation.

  • UBC Baja News Update: October 3rd - 9th

  • As of October 5th, 2011 UBC Baja has been officially recognized as a Mechanical Engineering Student Team
  • With our MECH funding application being submitted this weekend we are ready to fully enter the design stage of our project
  • We are working closely with the ESTC in order to try and secure space for our team

  • UBC Baja News Update: September 24 - October 2nd

  • We submitted our PAF application this week and got an excellent first response
  • We are close to completing our MECH application which will allow us to become an official Mechanical Engineering student team
  • We hope to submit the MECH application this coming Monday or Tuesday
  • We are currently making progress in the design phase, and have begun assigning tasks. There's lots of work still to be assigned, so sign up for any tasks that may interest you on Dropbox
  • Baja will be attending the SAE Student night at the EDC and giving a short presentation on our team. Anyone interested is encouraged to come

  • UBC Baja News Update: September 19-24

  • Members are furiously working towards completing our PAF application with high hopes for success
  • PAF (professional activities fund) is a substantial source for funding for engineering student teams throughout UBC
  • This is Baja's first PAF application since our creation in March of this year
  • The application will be submitted on September 27th

  • During our meeting on Saturday an extensive To-do list was presented to the team with members encouraged to sign up for various tasks essential to starting the design process